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Hello there, my name's Caroline!
On this blog you're going to find some Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, some Star Trek, some BBC Sherlock, some Beatles and then some of random posts about my life.

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  • One day I was in George’s flat on my own and someone rang the bell. I opened the door and a weird-looking man tried to force his way in. I didn’t know whether he was a salesman or a Jehovah’s Witness, but he was most insistent. I said, “This is outrageous,” and he burst out laughing. It was Paul in disguise.
    Pattie Boyd, from Wonderful Today (via ringoshootingstarr)    
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  • eppyissocoollike:

    The beatles lied. I closed my eyes and they did not kiss me.

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  • I cannot type on my tablet.  i type like a drunk person.

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  • dubiousculturalartifact:

This screencap is my aesthetic. 


    This screencap is my aesthetic. 

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  • confession: I get super emotional watching documentaries about the space-race in the 60s

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  • ragowatas:

    there are people that hate john and paul and george for whatever reason

    but nobody hates ringo


    ringo is a shining beacon of goodness and everything that is great about the world

    i mean look at him


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  • ev4n-perks:

    me at parties

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  • Well, my last two books I need for this coming semester have been bought!

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